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Edelweiss Restaurant – A Hidden Gem

Edelweiss Restaurant is an authentic German restaurant featuring foods and drinks that you cannot find anywhere else. From parking in a completely packed parking lot (with added parking in the grass!) to entering into this beautiful place and being walked out to the patio – our experience was the best in Colorado Springs! Live music was provided German style while we enjoyed the views and atmosphere on the beautifully decorated patio. An authentic Beer, Warsteiner, was the best tasting beer ever, very light with a citrus finish. Of course they have a few of options of Riesling along with many other wines. 

The Meals

The salad features 5 different authentic salads on one plate, how unique! One of the meals in the photos is a entree sampler of authentic German cuisine that included Spaetzel, Potatoes, two different meats and vegetables. The other entree was a Steak dinner with vegetables and a mushroom with bleu cheese sauce. Kids were happy having Spaetzel with ham inside, it’s like mac’n’cheese – but so much better! Desert left us speechless – homemade hazelnut torte and the best bread pudding we’ve ever tried! This place is definitely authentic (spoken by a person that grew up in Germany) and it is on TOP of our list!

Pike’s Peak Summit Restaurant

If you’re up on the summit of Pike’s Peak, expect to get this type of meal. In the pictures you can see their famous doughnuts, a bowl of chicken noodle soup and a basket of chicken tenders with fries. Honestly – everything tasted pretty good! The doughnuts come either in a bag of 6 or you can get them as a deal with a coffee mug. They were warm and tasted amazing. Those are definitely worth getting up there! The soup tasted good but had a bit too much seasoning for the little kids and the chicken tenders were fresh and had the perfect crisp to them. This entire meal will cost you around $25. 

Pike’s Peak

The view from the top is amazing. Disappointingly, the railroad to the top stopped working in summer 2018, so don’t expect to be able to book that! Prepare to be a bit weak up there with possibly a headache. So stay hydrated and eat whatever you need to! There’s also a large gift shop offering everything from key chains to clothing.

Glen Eyire Castle Grounds and Cafe

This place is truly a stop you have to make. It’s on our top list because of it’s location. The Glen Eyire Castle grounds are free to use. You can come here and have a picnic, stroll around or check out the rock formations. Go to their Cafe for some Starbucks-style(if not better) drinks and a snack, like the salty snacks in the photo. They have a gift shop as well as a cafe offering various drinks and snacks that you can enjoy out on their beautiful patio or anywhere you’d like! This place is truly amazing and perfect for relaxing. 

La Casida Mexican Grill

La Casida Mexican Grill is not only affordable, offering many choices and specials, but the food tastes great and is fresh too. They offer inside seating, outdoor patio and even drive-through service! There are salsas and sauces on a mini self-serve bar so you never run out. In the pictures you can see a special shrimp combo, steak fajita meal and enchilada combo. This place is definitely worth trying, especially if you’re in a hurry – just order and pick up at the drive-through window!

Colorado Springs and Manitou Springs Historic Downtown Restaurants

Pike’s Peak Chocolate and Ice Cream

The Pike’s Peak Chocolate and Ice Cream is in the heart of Manitou Springs Downtown. It looks pretty small but offers so much! There are many options of chocolates and specials on ice cream flavors. The marshmallow piggy was a favorite for the kids. It being a hot day, the ice cream started melting quickly, but was delicious. After trying out a few ice cream shops, this is definitely the one you want to visit! They even have souvenirs for sale. 

PJ’s Stagecoach Inn Restaurant and Pub

In the center of the beautiful Downtown of Manitou Springs, CO – we checked out this place. The outside of the building is very nice and the menu offers a lot of variety. In the pictures you can see a trout meal with rice and vegetables, kids meal of chicken tenders and a Stagecoach western meal. The trout had a weird dressing on it but tasted pretty good. The rice was a bit plain and the vegetables were a alright. Honestly, the chicken tenders were really good with a perfect crunch and seasoning. The burger and fries tasted really good as well.

Room for improvement

This restaurant could use some updating, the porch outside seemed a bit dirty and there were light bulbs missing. Service wasn’t the best either, with our waiter missing for long periods of time. It seems like the chef/owner or someone from the back had to keep coming out to help bring out food – it was not that busy! Overall the food was OK and prices were very fair, but this place might have some staffing issues and needs updating. 

Heart of Jerusalem Cafe

If you’re in the mood for some ice cream, this cafe has a sign featuring ice cream on their window. But inside you will find a small place, very dark and a few simple flavors of ice cream. It’s not much and nothing to brag about – we definitely recommend Pike’s Peak Chocolate and Ice Cream down the street over the Heart of Jerusalem ice cream! See our review above.

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