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Unique Rentals

First – Look at some of the most unique and amazing lodging deals! When you click an image, you will see special deals depending on your travel dates.

Resorts with breathtaking views and awe-inspiring pools.

If you want to experience something truly unique, take a look at these very unique places to stay.

Beach Vacation Rentals

For a limited time – lodging deals on beautiful beach vacation rentals from the most reputable companies. The search is already done for you, simply click on the vacation rental destination of your choice and browse condos and homes that suit your taste! Additionally, feel free to change the destination, because the discounted rate will reflect in the results.

Mountain Vacation Rentals

Do you love mountain vacations, or want to switch it up from the usual? So do we! We hand-picked special lodging deals for mountain destinations. Click below – savings will reflect in the results depending on your dates and destination.

International flight+hotel deals

Another way to save is by combining flight+hotel. There are amazing flight + lodging deals going on right now internationally! Again, just click below for the discounted rates.

City-specific Lodging deals

Click a city you want to visit, or adjust to your preferred location to see savings specific to that destination!

More Lodging deals

Discover more savings, adjust the search to your preferred location to see deals!

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TripsaRoo Travel and Vacations, travel deals

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