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What is TripsaRoo

TripsaRoo is a travel website offering tips, vacation ideas, advice, reviews, recommendations, vacation planning tools, deals, gear, inspiration and a lot more. Our mission is to provide a transformed travel experience by setting us apart from traditional travel websites.

From all the travel options online, TripsaRoo wants to offer more than just information. Along with valuable information and travel tips, we want to provide an experience for our travel community that will grow and evolve with time. By creating forums and future vacation sharing opportunities, travelers are able to learn from each other’s vacation experiences and possibly build relationships based on traveling and vacations.

Finding it impossible to get all-inclusive vacation packages in the USA, TripsaRoo will offer package ideas. Our ideas will offer daily activity options and more. We want travelers to share their vacation details as well, so that other travelers can re-create them or use them as ideas in their own vacation planning. In addition, undesirable experiences will help others by not following them. 

how travel planning has changed

Travel planning has evolved with the use of online information, apps and navigation. However, a big problem arises when people are given travel search engines with limitless information and pushed to fetch and decide for themselves. This can be very stressful. An example is booking hotel or flight by using traditional vacation site and being left scrolling though endless options. Although it’s helpful to have all this information, it can be very frustrating and complicated to make a decision and actually plan a vacation. Trying to plan a vacation, one is left confused and frustrated, often with no end-result. Our hope is that our package ideas will solve this issue. By providing all the researched details and options of a vacation for someone, they save a lot of time in not having to do the research themselves.

Thus, being provided with actual experiences of others and valuable information about a destination or travel need will make planning a vacation much easier with TripsaRoo.

help us grow

As mentioned previously, we are in the birth-stage of life. If you are interested in staying updated with us and agree with our mission, please help us grow by joining our community!

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