Hollywood Wax Museum
Entertainment Center Photos


The Hollywood Wax Museum is one of the best attractions in Branson, MO, especially now that they’ve added Castle of Chaos and Shoot for the Stars Mini Golf! You’ll get to see tons of stars and get up close with them for pictures. There are a lot of props set up with hats, capes and accessories for more fun! For more information about the Hollywood Wax Museum, click here

Castle of Chaos

Castle of Chaos is one of the newest and coolest attractions while you’re in Branson. It’s a 5D Theater for ages 4 and up. Some games are scarier than others. You’ll wear special glasses to make everything look and feel closer and realistic, shoot at the bad guys, sit in special seating that moves and shakes around, and you’ll even feel wind and other special effects! It’s a pretty amazing experience, you’ll definitely be back for more!

Shoot for the Stars
Mini Golf Photos

Out of many other mini golfs, Shoot for the Stars is one of the newest and coolest in Branson. This 18-hole mini golf has added interactive things like talking agents and photo-snapping figures as well as some really cool decorations. There are plenty of places for taking pictures and it takes quite a while to finish, making it worth every penny. It’s challenging and so much fun. At the end, the last hole is a “Star Meter” to measure your stardom potential!

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