Best Beachfront Restaurants In Panama City Beach, Florida

Best places to eat with a view

If you’re looking to take a beach vacation, look no further than Panama City Beach, FL. This destination is one of our Top 6 Family Vacations as well as one of the most romantic places to go. Right now, we will share with you our selections for Best Beachfront Restaurants in Panama City Beach. We have vacationed in PCB for over 12 years and love to eat out. We’ve visited as couples and with kids. Therefore, we know which beachfront restaurants have the best settings for fun and family as well as the best food and atmosphere.

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Best Beachfront Restaurants In Panama City Beach Florida

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Panama City Beach has so much to offer for everyone. Starting with the most beautiful snow white beaches…the powdery sand feels soft on your skin and makes you want to be covered in it. Before we start, if you’re taking a road trip to Panama City Beach, check out our road trip to Panama City Beach post with great tips, roads to take and even a checklist. Now let’s get to the best restaurants in PCB!

Best Beachfront Restaurants in Panama City Beach, Florida

#1 Sharky's

The top spot on our best beachfront restaurants in Panama City Beach list goes to Sharky’s for many reasons. Firstly, Sharky’s is an iconic and extremely popular place in PCB. It’s romantic, fun and family friendly. As soon as you arrive, you will see a huge upside-down Shark hanging in front of the restaurant. Surely, this will excite the kids and adults alike. Feel free to take pictures with the shark, everyone does! Next, as you enter, you’re greeted by a welcoming staff and a very relaxed atmosphere. You can sit inside or outside. Outside you will experience the direct beach and ocean views. There, you can enjoy the sunset and the sound of waves as you eat and drink. Live music if provided on the patio very often, mostly on weekends and peak season weeknights. Finally, the food is some of the best in PCB and there’s something for everyone’s budget. Drinks are made by experienced bartenders and taste delicious! This super-relaxing and fun atmosphere, food, drinks and prime location is why Sharky’s is #1 on our list. Did we mention, you’re even welcome to step out to the beach and take your shoes off! Now that’s what we call a beachfront restaurant. 

Best Beachfront Restaurants In Panama City Beach Florida

#2 Pineapple Willy's

So, that brings us to our next best restaurant. Pineapple Willy’s is located in a populated part of Panama City Beach, between Club Lavela and Edgewater Resort. It’s a beachfront restaurant with its own pier on the beach! They offer a lot of different baskets and buckets as well as various dinner plates like Grouper, Jambalaya, Prime Rib and much more. Pineapple Willy’s has a down-to-earth atmosphere and is romantic and family friendly as well. Also, they create amazingly delicious drinks including the famous Pineapple Willy, in a one-of-a-kind tropical souvenir cup(with lid and straw) that is beach and pool ready! These cups will last you for years and get you a discount on drinks when you have your cup, even when you visit years later! 

Best Beachfront Restaurants In Panama City Beach Florida

#3 Margaritaville

Next up, located at the Pier Park, Margaritaville is beachfront but across the street from the beach. At their upstairs patio, you can enjoy your meal while watching the sunset and hearing ocean waves. Margaritaville is one of our best beachfront restaurants in Panama City Beach because of everything they offer. Crazy-good drinks, live music indoors with beautiful decor and the food is great as well. On popular nights like weekends, they come around and make animal balloons for children. The location is perfect for when you are at the Pier Park to shop or walk around and then grab dinner while watching the sun go down. What could be better than that?

Best Beachfront Restaurants In Panama City Beach Florida

#4 Harpoon Harry's

Another great restaurant is Harpoon Harry’s. Visit Harpoon Harry’s for some hearty baskets, unobstructed beachfront view, the famous monster 42 oz Harpoon drink and more. Indoors, you can find booths and plenty of seating or sit outside and enjoy a view of the ocean. Of course, the food and drinks are fresh and delicious. Yet another traditional place that had to be on this list of best beachfront restaurants in Panama City Beach.

Best Beachfront Restaurants In Panama City Beach Florida

#5 Runaway Island

An top option for beachfront “fine dining” is Runaway Island. This restaurant offers its finest with weddings as well as a casual atmosphere for romantic and family dinners. When you are looking to impress, this is the place to take out your loved-one.

Best Beachfront Restaurants In Panama City Beach Florida

#6 Ocean's Bar & Grill at Edgewater Beach Resort

Lastly, Ocean’s Bar & Grill at the Egdewater Beach Resort and Golf Club is another very nice beachfront restaurant in Panama City Beach. Here, you will find everything from seafood and sandwich baskets to fine dinner options. They also have plenty of unique and delicious drinks served up in your choice of souvenir cup to keep! Best of all, the prices are very reasonable, especially considering you get a view of the ocean and even sunset!

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What else to do in PCB

As the Best Beachfront Restaurants in Panama City Beach go, you will honestly find our picks to be truly amazing. Now, if you’re looking for what else to do while you’re in Panama City Beach, check out our recommended Things To Do in Panama City Beach, FL post.

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