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make your next vacation a road trip

Heading to the road and enjoying your vacation in more depth has never been better. Road trips are the perfect way to travel by getting away from your every-day stress and having the freedom to do whatever you want!

road trips travel and vacation

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1. road trips set you free

road trips travel and vacation

Having your own transportation gives you the freedom you want and need! You’r not limited by getting somewhere on time, road trips make that possible.

Road Trips let you

  • stop and go 
  • eat or drink
  • take a break, stretch your legs
  • do some sight-seeing, take pictures
  • stop for a nap if you’re tired

And you can do all this whenever and wherever you want, making your travels simple.

You don’t have to settle for airplane food, eat whatever you want instead! You can start or end your trip sooner or later, no need to feel rushed by having a set schedule. Road trips have many benefits for families, couples and really anyone.

2. road trips are cheaper than flights

road trips travel and vacation

Another reason to love road trips is that they are usually much cheaper than flying or any other form of Travel. This makes them perfect for budget travel!  

No Worries

By driving you don’t have to worry about making the flight at a certain time of day. Often booking a flight can shorten your vacation by an entire day or two! When you drive, you can even choose to extend your travel time and stay longer. Also, if you book a flight, you would need a car rental just to get around.

If you’re concerned about spending, be sure to check out our amazing tips on budget travel here! 

3. connect with each other on road trips

tripsaroo road trips

Being trapped inside a car has its positive side! It gives you time to connect with your loved ones. If you’re traveling with your family, road trips encourage communication. Whether you like to listen to music, sing along to your favorite songs, talk or watch a movie in the back, you’ll spend quality time with the people you love. Check out our top picks for Best Family Vacations in the USA


Sure, just be sure to bring your chargers along! You can use your phone, tablet or even laptop on the road. Or instead, opt to take a break from technology altogether! If you think that you can’t go on a road trip because of kids, think again. Kids get used to the road just like us. Remember to bring lots of 

Keeping kids busy during road trips

Great things to keep kids busy are coloring books, books to read, tablet,  kids toys and small games. 

Don’t forget romance on your vacation. If you want to make any vacation more romantic, regardless of destination, there’s some great tips right here.

4. in-depth experience with road trips

tripsaroo road trips

While driving, you see some amazing places you would never see if you were flying. Additionally, you have the freedom to explore them and take pictures. The best part, stop by a local restaurant, a winery or check out a cool place on the way whenever you want. You can even plan to stay the night in a city between your home and travel destination. Driving during road trips give you more time to connect with your surroundings than if you were to book a flight. It lets you appreciate nature and time. 

5. room for ALL your stuff

pack everything when you take a road trip

When you have your own transportation, be it a car or SUV, you have a lot more space.

Airlines have become very strict on the amount of bags they include in your travels, some include none, so that’s an extra charge to consider if you want to fly.

By taking a road trip, you can fit as much stuff as you want to in your vehicle. You can pack other important, bulky things such as small grills, coolers, pool floats or whatever else you might need on your vacation! Having what you need is important so that you can do what you want and not have to buy much. For example, you might need a highchair for your baby. Having all these options makes travel much easier.

Tips for Packing And Meals For Road Trips

Things to remember during packing

Make a list of what you need beforehand So you don’t forget something. Once you’ve driven far enough, you don’t want to turn back. Get our Printable Ultimate Road Trip Checklist so you don’t forget to pack anything important.

Do not forget to pack: 

  • Chargers and batteries
  • Music for the ride
  • DVD’s if you have a DVD player
  • Car insurance in your glove box
  • Directions/GPS
  • vacation rental contracts 
  • Activities you found online or paid for – like Groupon
  • snacks and drinks 
  • Is your vehicle ready? Gas, air in tires, oils? 

Packing for the trip

While you’re packing, make sure you provide enough space for people so that they’re comfortable and can stretch out. Have snacks and drinks nearby. Prepare a blanket and some sweaters in the backseat in case it gets chilly to make traveling more pleasant. All the big luggage bags should be in the back and anything important should be on top or in side pockets just in case you need it. 


You’re free to eat what you want, but during long road trips, those meals can get out of hand. It’s helpful to pack some easy and simple meals like sandwiches for moments of STARVATION. Also remember to have an assortment of snacks, if not eaten you’ll have them for your vacation or on your way back. Cravings usually happen during boredom!

Tired while driving

The road can get tiring depending on the distance you’re driving and time of day. When it starts getting dark, it usually begins. Therefore, driving during the day can help. Also, change drivers if possible and stop for naps to re-energize and at rest stops to stretch your legs. Sometimes just stretching your legs can help remove the feeling of tiredness.

Remember to relax, enjoy the trip and have lots of fun!

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I love to road trip! In fact, it’s my sister and I’s favorite way to travel. You have some great tips on what to pack and all of your reasons that road trips are great I totally agree with. Can’t wait to read more of your stuff!


I love road trips! Having the opportunity to stop in different areas and take some time to enjoy the places on the way to your final destination is awesome. Looking forward to some stories from the road!

Theresa Hewston

These are great tips! We’ve been fulltime RVing for over 4 years now and we’ve found that no matter where you go, even if you think it’s the middle of nowhere, you can find interesting things to do. You’ll miss all the unique things this country has to offer if you fly everywhere. Happy road trippin!


I totally agree with this! Road trips allow you to really experience everything you would normally just fly over. I’m currently on a mini road trip in Texas and loving it 🙂


This is awesome! I hope to take a road trip some day. This was very good information.