How To Create Romance Anywhere, Anytime

Romantic vacations are important for all couples. One issue with finding information on romantic vacations is that they often focus on certain destinations, but creating romance is possible ANYWHERE. Read this article for tips on how to turn your next vacation into a romantic journey.

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Romance is a feeling that you CREATE by focusing on key activities that will bring you and your partner closer. So, forget about planning a getaway to a certain destination, and focus on making your next vacation more romantic ANYWHERE instead! 

Romance can be exciting, adventurous and relaxing at the same time. By picking a few simple things like the right lodging & activities as well as being courteous to one-another, you and your partner will have an unforgettable trip anywhere you choose to go!

Lodging Options for more romantic vacations

picking the right place to stay

Picking the right accommodation option is vital to having more romantic vacations. For example, a dull and ugly hotel room can make you feel boring, tedious and cheap. On the other hand, something clean, unique and luxurious can make you feel more relaxed, beautiful and in the mood for anything. Luxurious lodging doesn’t have to cost a fortune, check out our Budget Travel Tips to learn how to save money on resorts! If you like romantic cabin getaways, you can get some great deals on romantic cabin rentals. There’s nothing like getting cozy in front of a fireplace and relaxing in a double-Jacuzzi!

Secrets to picking Romantic lodging:

Pick a room with a king-sized bed!

The size of your mattress matters. Because you need some room to toss around and have fun, go ahead and choose King size. 

Quality matters!

Feel luxurious by staying at a place with a quality mattress and quality sheets. It’s as simple as viewing some hotel pictures and reviews when you look for your room. Any hotel you find, you search it and find traveler photos, which are usually of the bed and room.

Also, why not get a room with a Jacuzzi tub? It’s YOUR time to get pampered. Unwinding and relaxing in a huge tub is romantic, fun and just what you need after a long day of excitement! If you’re traveling with kids, put them to bed, lock the bathroom and enjoy some time to yourself.

Separate Space

Don’t get two double beds if you’re traveling with children! Rather, opt for a separate bedroom. To save money, the kids can sleep on a pull-out sofa, it’s probably going to be more exciting for them than sleeping on a bed. Even if you’re camping, make sure you have privacy by being far enough away from other people and having separate tents from kids.


The key word for romance is privacy. Worrying about your kids will prevent you from being and feeling romantic. If you’re traveling with a baby, make sure the room has a separate area where you can wheel their pack’n’play so that you can have privacy and not worry about being seen. For women, an important part of “being in the mood” is not worrying about your children seeing you being intimate, even a baby.


Think about relieving stress. If you like to work out or swim, make sure a fitness center or pool is available at the hotel. There’s nothing like a work out to relieve stress. Being physically active has physical as well as psychological benefits! 

Couples Massage

Most hotels have massage parlors available and offer couple massage packages. Having a massage will make you feel like a new person, literally. It also adds to your spicy memories you can look back on in the future.

Keep Kids Busy

If you have kids, make sure to have activities for them. Babysitting, arcade rooms, theater and hotel activities are all options to keep kids happy and busy. If you have small kids, you can easily stir up the romance after you’ve put them to sleep! If you’re on a tight budget, you can find some great lodging options and tips here.

How to treat each other

Show some love, respect and understanding toward each other. 

This is your chance to take some time for yourselves. Right now, you can book a 5 night all-inclusive vacation to Cancun for 2 people at under $500/couple! Check it out here. With a trip like that, you don’t have to worry about budget, daily meals or drinks, rooms or anything – it’s all in the package.

Show Affection

Relationships have layers, stages and different steps to overcome and achieve. Forget about the feeling of knowing each other and focus on getting to know each other better! Hold hands, kiss, smile and make jokes. This is a time for you to enjoy each other and focus on your time together. If you want to have a great experience, make some effort! If you’re not alone, that’s not a reason to not show love. Show it by being helpful, respectful and understanding. It’s one of the keys to romantic vacations and vital in your relationship!

Help One Another

Also, no matter how stressed you feel, take a deep breath and help one another. With it being a vacation, it’s easy to forget every-day chores. Unless you have daily housekeeping (which is wonderful to have!), keeping your room tidy is important. Making the bed as soon as you get up, clearing dirty laundry, unpacking and general tidying up will make you feel more organized. Feeling more organized leaves you less stressed. Help each other with these chores early in the day, so that you can plan your day for romance and adventurous activities!

Picking Mutual Activities

Another big part of romantic vacations are the activities you choose. Picking the right activities can make your romantic vacations more interesting and bring you two together. For some vacation IDEAS with daily activities, we have created just that. This will save you a lot of time in planning since we did the research!

Romance shouldn’t be Boring

While relaxation usually gets associated with romance, it can make your travels boring. Instead, focus on the right type of activities to reawaken your love. Often these activities involve a chance to communicate, compete and be physically active in some way. The thrill you experience, you will remember forever.

Activities are exciting because they are new! Something that you don’t do often or something you are doing for the first time, that’s what makes it unforgettable. For some amazing, adventurous and exciting activities at discounted prices, look no further than right here. Easily find the hottest things to do. Simply search by your location and see what activities are available!

Activities for romantic vacations

  • Hiking, picnic, enjoying nature
  • Mini golf, golf, bowling etc.
  • Massage, Hot tub, other pampering
  • Guided hiking tours, museums, sightseeing
  • Helicopter ride/tour
  • Canoeing, dinner and a show boat ride
  • Romantic board game, sex toys
  • Trips to a vineyard, wine/beer tasting
  • Amusement park
  • Go out dancing or take a dance lesson together
  • Go out clubbing/drinking/bars
  • Dinner and a Movie
  • Campfire star gazing/Fireplace fun

How about reconnecting during a road trip? Find some awesome information and tips about road trips by clicking here. If you prefer to fly, check out special limited time airfare deals right here instead!


Keeping romance alive is important for couples, therefore having romance is essential. Romantic vacations don’t have to be labeled by destinations, rather they can be created anywhere.

Pick the right options

So once again, by picking options that provide some privacy, you make romance possible. The best lodging options will give you privacy, pampering and a luxurious feel.

Consider each other, showing love, respect and understanding will make you feel closer to each other and want to be more romantic. In addition, help each other with the chores early in the day.

Lastly, pick the right activities that will help you feel connected and create unforgettable memories.

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