Adventure Vacation

In Colorado springs

The Vacation Idea

Take an Adventure Vacation in Colorado Springs using our adventurous activities as a guide. We provide the best and most popular activities for every day of your trip. For this vacation, they are filled with exploration and adventure. If you’re taking a family vacation, you’ll be glad to know, Colorado Springs is one of our Top 6 Family Vacation Destinations in the USA!

Colorado Springs CO

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Exploration & Adventure

Colorado Springs, CO is an excellent destination for exploring. There are mountains to climb, trails to hike, beautiful backdrops for photography and nature at every turn.

A Wonderful Vacation Experience awaits as you experience a new adventure every single day. From water activities to climbing and hiking, you are about to make life-long memories.

Save yourself the hassle, stress and time of researching and let us lead you to a dream adventure vacation.

An adventurous Stay

Stay at a unique and adventurous cabin or condo. Choose from various, decorated and rustic places. Our recommendations only come from the most reputable and most used website around. Look for a cabin or condo right now!

The details

Colorado Springs Family Vacation

Day 1 - Settle

Settle in to your condo or cabin. Unpack some of your things and get ready to head out and explore! Check out the Glen Eyrie Castle and take one of the hiking trails leading to steep red rocks around the castle grounds. Feel free to eat at their beautiful restaurant or bring a picnic and eat on the castle grounds. If you’re not ready to hike, drive around the Garden of the Gods nearby.

Day 2 - Go hiking

Today, prepare to go hiking. Garden of the Gods is the perfect place to see some astonishing rock formations as you hike several different trails throughout the area. Bring plenty of water and snacks since you’re going to be here for several hours. Also, make sure you photograph the “map of all trails” so that you don’t get lost!

Colorado Springs CO
adventure vacation in colorado springs

Day 3 - Pike's Peak

Today you’ll be ready for some real adventure. Take your pick to either drive up Pike’s Peak or Hike some trails. There are many different options. You can drive half the way and hike, do some fishing on the lake and hike through the woods on the mountain. Bring plenty of food and drinks. Be prepared for possible headaches because of the rapid change in elevation.

Day 4 - Water Rafting

Day 4 will bring you to some real thrill. Get out early and go rafting at the Arkansas River, the most popular river for rafting in Colorado. Plan to experience either a full or half day of wet fun. Of course you’ll need to bring a backpack with snacks and drinks, because you’ll be starving!

adventure vacation in colorado springs
adventure vacation in colorado springs

Day 5 - Camp out

What a better way to experience Colorado and adventure than camping out for the night? This is it, prepare your gear and head out to the Rocky Mountains, 90 miles away from Colorado Springs. Enjoy some grilling, fishing, hiking and nature. Don’t forget to cozy up with a bonfire and enjoy the many visible stars at night.

Day 6 - Bike & Horse

Dedicate this day to some horseback riding to experience some true wilderness and appreciate the nature of Colorado. After that, rent a mountain bike and bike down Pike’s Peak for thrilling adventure. If you’re not up for that, there are plenty of other trails to bike and things to do.

adventure vacation in colorado springs
colorado springs, co

Last Day
Chill or Thrill

This is your last full day. You can choose to chill out today by enjoying some restaurants and the town. Or you can chase another thrill like bungee jumping or Canoeing. Make sure you have time to pack your luggage so you don’t feel rushed when it’s time to check out in the morning.

The Best Adventure Vacation in Colorado Springs ever

adventure vacation in colorado springs
After your vacation, share your experience with us! Join our Community and share your Colorado Adventure pictures and details about your trip!

Plan your Adventure Vacation in Colorado Springs today!

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