City Museum, St. Louis

Review with real photos of the City Museum

St. Louis is one of our Top 6 Family Vacations because of all of the FREE and Cheap attractions it has to offer. The City Museum is one of our top attractions in STL, here’s why:

City Museum (2019)

City Museum St. Louis

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Tips before you visit

The City Museum is tons of fun for all ages, including small children and adults! Imagine a place full of cool and uniue things to see, tunnels to crawl through and climb, huge slides, aquariums, educational rooms and a lot more. There are 4 floors + outside fun. Also, there are 5 different concessions and a gift shop.

The Facts

  • General admission for ages 3+ is $15, under 3 can enter free.
  • Parking is an additional $10 or you can park anywhere in downtown.
  • The museum is usually open every day but check the website before you go!
  • Hours are Mon-Thu 9-5, Sunday 11-5, Friday and Saturday from 9am until midnight. 

What it's like

City Museum St. Louis

Firstly, pretty much everything you see can be climbed, crawled into and explored. With plenty of dark tunnels, caves, aquariums, funky chairs to swing in and the weirdest things to see, you’ll have the time of your life here.

How about a whole wall made of steam table pans? Yeah, they have that! What about a huge net you can walk and lay on…yeah that’s there too. Here are a few examples of what to expect: 

First Floor

  • tree house
  • enchanted caves
  • aquarium
  • 10-story slide
  • gift shop, bathrooms, coat check, candy stand
  • giant whale and other crawly spaces

Second Floor

  • another aquarium
  • more caves
  • vault room
  • mezzanine restaurant
  • giant octopus and crab

Third Floor

  • art city, “Edward-Bates School”
  • toddler town, nursing/changing station
  • circus featuring free shows
  • tree house from first floor
  • architecture hall
  • skate-less skate park
  • Elephant Cafe & Beatnik Bob’s
  • shadow slide & more crawly spaces

Fourth Floor

  • snowflake & mosaic rooms
  • funky chairs
  • overflow cafe
  • art center gallery
  • elevator


  • More climbing
  • more crawling
  • more slides
  • giant ball pit 
City Museum St. Louis

Take me to the City Museum!

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